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Xiaodong Xie

Medical Director


Director of Enterprise Development

Jingyi Wang

Master of Pharmaceutical EngineeringTsinghua University. Technology experts in the area of Drug Delivery(immediate-release, slow release), has 10 years of practical Experience in the basic theory and Industry production, has in charge of the project of water insoluble drugs,
and The research of  submicron emulsion gel system.


Master of Pharmacology, Guangzhou Medical College,
In pharmacology research for many years.


Doctor of Clinical Medicine, University of London. Worked in Domestic and foreign hospitals for more than 10 years and has many years of pharmaceutical research experience. In recent years has been working in marketing and sales departments in Pharmaceutical companies, has a wealth of marketing experience.


Chief Researcher

Professor MinWang

Chief researcher

Dr ChenYu

Chief researcher

Kai Zhang

PhD supervisor, post-doctoral ,University of Hohenheim in Germany. Main research areas are asymmetric synthesis and chiral compounds Isolation and analysis. Has taken part in Over a number of country project research and the Natural Science Foundation. Has published over 60 articles Papers, of which more than 20 articles were published by SCI. 2 has been the national invention patent, 4 has been patent application. He has won the first-class award of National Education Science and Technology Progress and the second-class award of Beijing Youth Awards for Outstanding Scientific Paper.


Researcher at the institute of chemical in the Chinese academy of sciences

Leadership in completing national natural fund projects"Multi-photon absorbing organic molecular design preparation and properties research "(project approval No. No. 20302007).

Involved in many natural science fund research

During 2003 to 2004, he went to CanadianQueen's university for postdoctoral research and do photochromic mechanism research.

He is also responsible for the "academic Guidance " , steering the staff with the polymer projects research.Currently he is responsible for HuaXi Pharm internationalcooperation innovation work .

 Has dozen years experiences in the areas of chemical intermediates and raw materials of drug development, the main research areas is chiral synthesis and crystal control. Has led to complete dozens of API process research and industrial R & D, and has a wealth of GMP management experience.

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