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Huaxipharm is committed to building an R&D leading modern pharmaceutical enterprise in China, and continuously promoting the innovation in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. We are looking for talents and business leaders to join us

Business Partner Recruitment Scheme (Year 2020-2023)

1. Partners for management of new drug R&D, technology service and drug license holders

5-10 persons from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

5-10 persons from USA and Canada

5-10 persons from Europe and UK

3-5 persons from India

2. Partners for drug registration, regulatory consultation, business development

3-4 persons for business of North American

1-2 persons for business of European Union

1-2 persons for business of Africa and countries of One Belt & One Road

3. Partners for IP and international technology transfer business

2-3 persons from mainland China

Company Departments

CEO Office

Technology Committee

Brand Management

IP & Legal Affairs


International Cooperation

Business Development


Pharmaceutical Management

Clinical Management

Pharmaceutical Registration

Production Management

Human Resources


Planning & Finance

Information Management

We will offer generous benefits to our employees:

  • Provide competitive salary package;

  • Provide broad career opportunities for personal growth;

  • Provide endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and housing fund;

  • Provide technical, managerial and overseas training opportunities;

  • Offer paid part-time education or degree studies  opportunities;

  • Assistance in applying Beijing official residence permit, Beijing work and residence permit;

  • To provide commercial insurance as well as housing and car loans for high ranking  management members or talents.

Recruitment of Key Positions in 2020

1. Investment Director

Job description:

  1. To make the plans or proposals of the merger, acquisition, reorganization, IPO, investment and financing for the company.

  2. To assist the CEO to complete a variety businesses including merger, acquisition, reorganization, IPO, and investment and financing for the company, ant to provide guidance to the department staff and subsidiaries of the company.

  3. To be in charge of evaluation of the company's project plan, to solve various unexpected problems;

  4. To assist the CEO in managing the daily work of the company;

  5. To finish other work assigned by the superior executives.

Position Requirements:

  1. Master degree or above in finance or related major, MBA preferred;

  2. At least 5 years of experience in merger, acquisition, restructuring, IPO, investment and financing;

  3. Familiar with relevant policies and regulations, rich experience in project evaluation, project analysis, project financing, program planning and resource integration, financial consultant experience or business ability of company merger, acquisition, and restructuring

  4. Experience in investment related to real estate, commerce, and media is preferred;

  5. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, relevant writing skills, and good team management skills;

  6. Responsible, optimistic, dedicated, able to work under pressure, and adapt to the needs of business travel;

  7. Strong career pursuit and excellent management, communication and coordination skills;

  8. Proficient in English;

  9. Overseas education background and medical/pharmaceutical experience are preferred.

 2. Business Development Director

Job Description:

  1. Technology transfer and licensing for pharmaceutical innovation technology, industrialization technology/patent technology;

  2. Technology markets management and new customer development;

  3. Customer contact, tracking and follow-up;

  4. Contract negotiation and signing.

Position Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree in clinical medicine, pharmacy or related field;

  2. More than 3 years' experience in pharmaceutical sales or marketing in pharmaceutical companies or CRO companies, preferred experience in project proposal, pharmaceutical registration, clinical trial management and CRA;

  3. Relevant experience in IP management and legal affairs is preferred;

  4. Fluent oral English, and working experience abroad is preferred.

  5. Strong communication and coordination skills.

3. Director of Clinical Trials

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for all the company's clinical trial projects and their organization and implementation of throughout the country.

  2. Responsible for building the organizational structure, assessment and personnel training of the department;

  3. Responsible for setting up the responsibilities of the job positions of the department, and modification and improvement of relevant operating procedures;

  4. Coordinate the work of the department with other relevant business departments;

  5. Allocate resources as a whole, manage the project schedule and advances, and ensure the completion of the project within time and financial budget;

  6. Assist related departments in the work according to the requirements of maximizing the use of company resources;

  7. Maintain the relationship with the other experimental unit.

Position Requirements:

  1. Master degree or above, major in clinical medicine, pharmacokinetics or related field;

  2. Good interpersonal communication skills, able to communicate well with internal departments and cooperation hospitals or bases;

  3. Experience in managing multi-regional personnel;

  4. At least 3 years' working experience in the medical department of a pharmaceutical company; At least 1 year of management experience in this field;

  5. Have systematic and solid basic knowledge of personnel management as well as professional knowledge in clinical trials; be able to use this knowledge to carry out creative work and solve complex problems;

  6. Good team organization and construction ability;

  7. Working experience in foreign enterprises or overseas is preferred.

4. Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Job Description:

  1. Track and review projects that have received clinical trial approval;

  2. Maintain cooperative relationship with research institutions;

  3. Carry out clinical trial initiation and solve difficult problems;

  4. Complete the required data and report for pharmaceutical production application.

Position Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience, major in clinical medicine;

  2. Able to travel frequently;

  3. Good pressure tolerance and good communication skills.

5. Pharmacologist

Job Description:

  1. Provide professional support in evaluation of drug efficacy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic/metabolism and safety.

  2. Design pharmacological and toxicological protocols for preclinical drug development and organize resources for implementation.

  3. Analyse the safety results and be able to give necessary safety warning reports in advance.

  4. Able to compile pharmacology and toxicology information sections in drug registration materials.

Positon Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, and majoring in pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics

  2. Have a solid pharmacology background, proficient at pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation.

  3. Excellent team management and communication skills, willing to take responsibility;

  4. Ability to solve problems innovatively.

6. New Product Planning Specialist

Job Description:

  1. Management of new product proposals: study and catch up the changes of domestic and foreign drug research/technology, national macro policies, drug policies, as well as the changes in law and market environment; to organize and carry out new product design, project proposal and evaluations according to the needs of company development strategy.

  2. Technical/patent analysis support for the Marketing Department: according to the company's development strategy, cooperate with the marketing department to make risk and technical assessment of the company's licensed/transferred products.

  3. Organize subordinates to carry out information research, project screening and evaluation, competition analysis and final report writing for new product development.

  4. Technical information/intelligence support for other technical departments.

Positon Requirements:

  1. Pharmacy related major.

  2. Command of registration regulations and GLP knowledge of medicines, health food, etc.; Familiar with the basic knowledge of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, etc.; Familiar with relevant laws, regulations and international standards of drug R&D and registration; Familiar with industry trends and market information; Familiar with routine pharmacology research methods and R&D process of new drug development; Basic knowledge of financial management and human resource management.

  3. Proficient in pharmacological research, experimental design and other professional skills; Master information search skills; Familiar with office software and network application skills; Proficient at document writing skills; Good command of English reading skills.

  4. Excellent quality consciousness, innovation ability and technology application ability; Excellent ability to collect information and to find and solve problems; Good planning, organization and coordination skills, excellent writing and communication skills.

  5. Dedicated and rigorous, forward-looking thinking, pioneering and enterprising, meticulous thinking, strong sense of confidentiality, able to withstand greater work pressure.

Contact Information:

Tele: 010-58711980

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